What the beauty trend Gua Sha is all about

Recently, you hear and see more and more about the beauty trend Gua Sha. Gua Sha stones can be used to massage all areas of the body, not just the face. They are pulled over the skin with light pressure. This way, blockages in the body’s pathways are released and blood flow to the tissues and skin is stimulated and increased. This not only detoxifies the skin, but also boosts cell production. Gua Sha is said to relax the facial features and significantly counteract the skin aging processes.

Gua Sha Treatment

What exactly is Gua Sha?

Gua Sha is a completely natural method to relax the face. The “Gua” means rubbing or scraping and the “Sha” stands for the skin redness that occurs after the treatment.

This method is a massage and originally comes from Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is performed with precious stones. It is intended to restore the balance of the body. When used regularly, this gentle method stimulates blood circulation in the skin. It gets more elasticity and vitality.

Typical flat stones are suitable for treatment. They have rounded edges. The best known is the Bian Stone, which is most often used for facial massage. It is used to treat the skin of the face with gentle movements.

Why you should try Gua Sha

The massage allows the muscles under the skin to relax. Gua Sha also reduces swelling and also boosts the metabolism. The skin usually also has toxins, the massage also helps here by draining them. This method also has a nourishing effect. The Gua Sha massage is performed with a nourishing oil.

We recommend to treat the face in the evening before going to bed. During sleep our skin regenerates best. Other positive effects of the treatment are the reduction of wrinkles and puffiness, as well as bags under the eyes and skin impurities. It can also alleviate aging processes and in the process you keep a fresh complexion.

A Gua Sha Massage Guide

  • First, you should prepare your facial skin for the massage. Wash it and massage a mild facial oil.
  • Now take the stone and rub its edge over the skin in small movements. Massage in one direction.
  • Reddening of the skin is normal after the massage. On the contrary, it indicates good blood circulation.
  • Afterwards, you can continue to care for your skin with a suitable face cream or serum.


As already mentioned, it is advisable to perform the treatment regularly in the evening before going to bed, so that the skin can regenerate better overnight. However, early in the morning can also be useful, as it can relieve tension that has formed during the night and give you a fresh kick for the day.

Gua Sha

Effects of Gua Sha massage

The massage makes the eyes look less puffy and tightens the contours on the cheeks. With regular treatment, it can lead to a visible reduction of impure skin, such as acne and wrinkles. An optimal treatment would be three times a week. The changes are definitely noticeable.

You can do the Gua Sha massage anytime and anywhere. It is best to do it every day.

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