What essential oregano oil does for your skin and body

Oreganoöl in Flasche neben Oreganoblättern

Oregano (Origanum vulgare) has long been present in Mediterranean cuisines as a spice. It is mostly used in dry or freshly picked form in, for example, pasta dishes. Oregano, but especially essential oregano oil, also shows positive effects for health problems. Therefore, it is popularly used as a herbal remedy. Oregano is highly praised and should find more application than ONLY as a spice. Already for many years oregano essential oil meets great popularity as a natural herbal remedy. This is mainly due to the fact that oregano essential oil meets diverse ingredients as well as a huge spectrum of action and thus helps with several health complaints.

General facts

Oregano belongs to the labiates family with about 6000 different species of flowering plants. This plant family represents remedies that benefit many people with their health problems. Some examples of these are lavender and lemon balm, which are also popularily used as essential oils. Oregano essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the herb. The smell can be described as strong and spicy, the color is yellowish-golden and the taste is very intense. In classical medicine, oregano essential oil receives rather less attention. But it is all the more popular in alternative healing methods as a remedy. This benefits, among others, those who prefer to avoid medication and try to reduce or even prevent health problems with natural means.


Important ingredients of essential oregano oil

Essential oregano oil is almost indispensable in naturopathy due to its diverse and important ingredients.

Oregano oil contains essential oils such as thymol and carvacrol. These have antiseptic and disinfectant effects on bacteria and germs. Even important vitamins such as vitamin C and B can be found in oregano. Vitamin C, with its antioxidant effects, ensures that free, harmful radicals stay away and the body cells are protected from them. In addition, vitamin C promotes iron absorption, thus combining vitamins with minerals. Vitamin B helps to activate metabolism and positively influences blood circulation in the body.

Minerals such as iron, calcium and magnesium are also attributed to it. Iron is important for elementary metabolic processes. Calcium helps to fight off inflammations and magnesium is important for energetic body processes.

Tannins and bitter substances are also important ingredients that oregano has. Bitter substances positively support the digestive tract and have antibacterial effects. Tannins also have anti-inflammatory properties.

Overall, the natural, herbal healing effect is characterized by the fact that oregano essential oil, among other things, has antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. The many and valuable ingredients combined allow oregano oil to be used so flexibly in different areas for health problems.

Ätherisches Oreganoöl

Fields of application and spectrum of action of the miracle oil

Oregano essential oil has versatile applications in a wide variety of health complaints. In naturopathy, it is therefore one of many essential oils increasingly used.

Especially during winter time, many diseases such as colds or the flu accumulate. Many help themselves during this time to the ginger and honey, which can reduce cold symptoms when drunk as tea. However, many do not know that oregano essential oil can work wonders for health complaints due to its broad spectrum of action.  For one, the oil can provide relief from cold symptoms and support the immune system. This is because it has antibacterial and antiviral effects. This means that it fights the bacteria and viruses that nestle in our bodies, especially during the cold season. Essential oregano oil also reduces annoying cough irritation. In respiratory diseases such as tonsillitis, it has an expectorant effect and reduces pain symptoms. For this reason, oregano oil is recognized as a kind of herbal and “natural” antibiotic, as an alternative to chemical antibiotics.

Aber nicht nur bei Erkältungsbeschwerden hilft das ätherische Oreganoöl. Durch die natürlichen Inhaltsstoffe wie Thymol,  die antibakteriell und fungizid wirken, heilt es auch  Pilzerkrankungen auf zum Beispiel der Haut.

Selbst bei Verdauungsproblemen, Appetitlosigkeit und Bauchkrämpfen, die meist für Unwohlsein sorgen, kann das ätherische Oreganoöl Anwendung finden. Durch Gerb- und Bitterstoffe, die im Oreganoöl enthalten sind wird die  Magensaftproduktion wird verstärkt.  Darüber hinaus werden Krämpfe  gelöst, der Appetit angeregt  sowie belastende Schmerzen gemindert. 

Als Tee kann Oregano  angewendet  werden um bei den oben genannten Problemen  zu helfen. Gib  dazu einen Teelöffel frischen oder getrockneten Oregano in deine Lieblingstasse und übergieße die Kraut mit kochendem Wasser. Lasse den Aufguß einige Minuten bedeckt ziehen und genieße ihn danach!

Essential oregano oil for skin care

Oregano oil can also be used for various skin problems. An even and clean complexion is particularly important for many people. It strengthens the self-confidence and sense of well-being of a person. It is all the more great that oregano essential oil, in addition to its internal use, also provides emergency help when used externally. It can help with skin irritations, skin infections and pimples. This is due to the antibacterial effects of oregano oil. It can also be used for blemished skin. To use it, add a few drops of the oil to 250 ml of water. Test your skin tolerance in advance on a spot of your body. You can then apply the mixture to the corresponding problem areas and let it take effect.

CAUTION: Oregano can cause various allergies. If you suffer from itchy skin or even shortness of breath due to the application of oregano oil, interrupt the application.

Essential oregano oil in naturopathy

Essential oregano oil is very popular and appreciated in natural medicine due to its wide range of effects. Due to its various ingredients such as vitamin C or minerals such as iron, the miracle oil helps with various health problems and is used both externally and internally. Oregano oil can, among other things, help to strengthen the immune system, to help prevent colds or to support a milder course of disease. As a remedy, it also helps to reduce or completely prevent various skin problems.

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