Remove dark under eye circles – 5 natural remedies

Dark shadows under the eyes are often treated as an unpleasant problem of aesthetic nature, but they can also indicate illnesses. However, they are not always a symptom of illness, since they are usually associated with lack of sleep or dehydration of the body. Thankfully nature offers us various tools to eliminate this problem.

Why do we have under eye circles?

Dark under eye circles can be caused by lack of sleep and tiredness. The mechanism of their formation due to these causes has not yet been fully investigated, but is probably connected with lymph congestion, changes in adipose tissue or skin sagging and proliferation.

For some people the appearance of dark shadows is due to their complexion. This is then genetically determined and is associated with the excessive production of melanin, which gives the skin a dark tone in this area.

A fairly common factor for the appearance of dark circles under the eyes is insufficient fluid intake. In this case, the daily intake of 1.5 to 2 liters of water should solve the problem within a short time. Sometimes it is also the result of extremely thin skin around the eye area, through which the blood vessels are clearly visible.

The dark discoloration can also be caused by insufficient exercise and the resulting lack of oxygen – oxygen-deficient blood is darker and is even more visible through the fine skin around the eyes.

Insufficient nutrition and a salty diet can also lead to dark circles. Smoking tobacco and consuming large amounts of alcohol and caffeine brings out the sensitive blood vessels under the eyes by reducing the oxygen content and additionally poisons the body. In Addition, a lack of certain vitamins and minerals, especially vitamins B and K, zinc and iron also plays a role.

How to ged rid of dark under eye circles?

If you want to avoid or get rid of dark circles under your eyes, you should make sure to get sufficient sleep and activity, in order to increase the blood circulation in the body – oxygen supply and regeneration of the cells follow. You shoul also make sure to habe a sufficient water intake and supply of vitamins and minerals. These should help get rid of your dark circles. If they become a permanent problem, however, a visit at a doctor should be considered in order to exclude possible more serious diseases.

Let’s concentrate on the natural ways and means of removal in case of occasional occurrence of dark circles. Here it is worth considering a few natural resources as allies, because they possess optimal properties that can provide promising assistance against your under eye circles.


Tumeric Honey Mask

The bee product contains rutin, a flavonoid responsible for strengthening blood vessels, accelerating the healing and regeneration of the skin and improving the absorption of vitamin C. It is used for the care of vascular skin and for the production of anti-wrinkle preparations. The presence of a number of vitamins and minerals, especially magnesium, make honey an optimal means of relieving nervous tension and stress.

Witch hazel water


Witch hazel has become one of the most frequently used active ingredients for skin care in recent years. Witch hazel water is a herbal distillation product made from fresh branches or leaves of witch hazel bushes. The most preferred species in cosmetics is Hamamelis Virginiana. Witch hazel is a helpful herbal product for dark circles under the eyes with a moisturizing, relaxing and firming effect.

If you feel that your skin is sensitive, you can apply witch hazel water to a small area on one side of your face and wait 5 to 10 minutes to see how your skin reacts.


Avocado Mandelöl Maske

Avocado is characterized by its moisturizing effect. The fruit has a very positive effect on the health of skin because it is rich in vitamins and minerals. Since the oils in avocados are compatible with the oils in our skin, it nourishes our skin and protects it at the same time. The vitamin E it contains triggers the production of collagen, which helps our skin fight against signs of aging. It also helps to reduce wrinkles with its anti-aging effect.

Rose water


Rose water, obtained by distillation of fresh rose petals, is rich in vitamins A, C, D, E and B13. It has numerous benefits for skin health. Rose water is compatible with the pH-value of our skin. It helps the skin to become clear and bright. Additionally, it regulates the moisture balance of the skin. Thanks to its antiseptic effects it’s also good for calming the skin. You can use it for puffiness under the eyes, especially if you wake up tired.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera-Kokosnussöl Maske

The Aloe Vera plant, which you can also grow at home, has enormous effects on the health of our skin. The effective part of Aloe Vera is the sticky gel in the leaves. Although it is possible to keep the gel in the refrigerator, it is more effective when it’s fresh. The skin under the eyes is very sensitive; it can easily become dry or irritated due to skin cleansing, sunbathing, dehydration and medication. Aloe Vera Gel moisturizes and protects this skin with its moisturizing effects.

Circles under the eyes, which can occur due to tiredness, insomnia, dry skin or genetic factors, are one of the problems that negatively affect the beauty of the skin. The eye area is the area that often needs the most care, since it has the thinnest skin on our face. However, you can also achieve a much healthier eye area by following just a few eye care tips. You can help care for the eye area from all sides by avoiding salty foods, coffee, alcohol and sugar, sleeping well, drinking plenty of water and having a few natural helpers ready.

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