Orange Blossom Water: Why you should rely on this Hydrosol

Orangenblüten am Strauch

Natural cosmetics are gaining more and more attention. Cosmetic brands are trying to integrate more natural ingredients into their products. These are of course mentioned big on the packaging and in the marketing campaigns. “Natural” is in. And what can be more natural than a product straight from nature, without any chemicals? Therefore, we take a look at orange blossom water, an all-rounder. In everyday life, the hydrosol is very versatile. Whether used in the kitchen, in cosmetics or in the household. You can treat your body, externally and internally.

What is orange blossom water?

Orange bloosom water is obtained from the flower buds of the orange plant. During distillation to produce the essential orange oil, condensed water is produced. The latter is the orange blossom water. Therefore, it is a hydrosol (plant water).

Since it is not made from the fruit, but from the flowers, the taste is also not similar to that of the orange fruit. It has a floral and fruity fresh scent.

Orange blossom water originates from the Orient and is indispensable in oriental cuisine. It is used for many desserts and in some savory dishes.

But this plant water can do more than just give our dishes a fresh floral aroma. With its bitter notes, it can create a contrast to the sweetness. The orange blossom water can also be used in cosmetics.

What are the properties of the orange blossom water?

In cosmetics

Orange blossom water has many uses. In cosmetics, it is especially useful for the skin, hair and nails. It can also relax the body and mind.

The hydrosol can be useful especially for dry skin due to its refatting properties. It moisturizes and can prevent the skin from drying out. You can also use the water on red or irritated skin, since it soothes and reduces redness. Therefore, it helps after shaving and sunburns. It heals irritated skin and makes it more resistant. Other properties of orange blossom water include regulating the pH value of the skin and refining pores.

Orange blossom water can also be used as a perfume or deodorant. Since it not only has a pleasant scent, but is also natural, it won’t irritate or harm the skin. Besides, the orange blossom water cares for the skin at the same time.

The orange blossom water is also useful in nail care. The hydrosol helps with dry skin around the nails and moisturizes them. It is also said to make nails grow faster and healthier.

Orange blossom water is also good for the hair. It gives the hair a beautiful shine and strengthens it. The result is healthy hair. Therefore, many cosmetic brands rely on orange blossom water in their shampoos and conditioners.

In the kitchen

As already mentioned, orange blossom water can also be used in drinks and dishes. Whether in warm teas, in cocktails or even in water. The natural product can refine many drinks with its flowery fruity taste. In the Orient, orange blossom water is mostly used in desserts and pastries. But you can also use it in many savory dishes for seasoning.

Why you should rely more on this hydrosol, whether in cosmetics or in the kitchen, you will learn in the following.

What are the effects of orange blossom water?

Hängende Orangen und Blüten

As with many natural remedies, e.g. essential oils, hydrosols, extracts, etc., not all the effects of orange blossom water have been scientifically proven.

Scientific studies prove the anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antibacterial effects of oils from the orange blossom. Orange blossom water is obtained from these blossoms, therefore the hydrosol is said to also have these effects.

Other effects have not yet been proven, but personal experience speaks in favor of them. For example, orange blossom water is said to relieve insomnia and help with menstrual cramps. In case of stress and anxiety, it is said to be calming and have a relaxing effect.

How to use orange blossom water?

Orange blossom water can be used not only in the kitchen, but also in cosmetics. After the effects and properties of the plant water, we will now go into the application of orange blossom water.

For Skin

Orangenblüten am Strauch

To gently care for the largest organ of our body, our skin, we can resort to natural orange blossom water.

The hydrosol is applied after cleansing the face with, for example, a cotton pad. After that it can be absorbed into the skin. With regular use, the skin texture improves and become more even.

After shaving, the skin is often irritated. By applying and massaging in the orange blossom water into the skin, the skin is soothed. The skin also becomes irritated after lying in the sun for a long time. In this case the water also soothes the skin and moisturizes it.

The drugstore and cosmetics industry offers many different makeup removers. With orange blossom water mixed with natural oils, such as coconut or almond oil, you have a natural make-up remover. With a cotton pad, you can remove the makeup. This use of a natural makeup remover is good for the skin at the same time.

A few drops of orange blossom water can also be added to bath water. Besides the beneficial effect for the skin, it also helps the body to relax.

Orange blossom water can also be used as a perfume, if you put it in a spray bottle. Here you can also add essential oils. You’ll get a nice flowery smell and care for your skin at the same time. The perfume can also be used as a room fragrance. Thus, the orange blossom water is also used in the household.

For Nails

If you are often plagued by cracked skin around fingernails you can regularily massage the skin with orange blossom water to counteracts this.

For Hair

The hair can be given a healthy shine with orange blossom water. To do this, massage a few drops of orange blossom water into damp hair after shampooing. In addition to the shine, the plant water gives a flowery fruity scent and your hair will smell very fresh.

Orange blossom water is a natural product. Due to the fact that it is versatile, you can integrate it into your everyday life and use it for many things.

However, you should always keep in mind that every body is different. What works for one, may not work for others and vice versa. So you should try orange blossom water for yourself to find out what proven or even unproven effects you experience yourself. Since orange blossom water is a natural product, it does not have any known side effects, so you can try it with confidence.

It should be noted, however, that orange blossom water can’t replace medication. In case of pronounced diseases, pains and infections, you should always talk to a doctor.

Buy orange blossom water - what to look for?

It is best to buy pure orange blossom water, that is, without any additives. That way you can be sure that you can benefit from all the properties of the plant water. Thus, you can also be sure that it is suitable for consumption and for application on the skin. You should also make sure that the hydrosol is of organic quality.

Here you can find two high quality orange blossom hydrosols:

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