Olive Oil – 5 Ideas to integrate the Household Remedy into your daily Beauty Routine

Olivenöl wird in Schüssel gegossen

The effects of olive oil on beauty and health is an undeniable fact. Unlike other oils used in the kitchen, olive oil is not extracted solely from seeds. The fruit itself is pressed together with the seed. Of course, removing the oil from such a tiny fruit requires mechanical processes.

Olive oil comes in many different forms and has many uses. With its magnificent golden color the oil is indispensable for cooking, health and beauty. Olive oil, which contains vitamins A, D and K and especially vitamin E, effectively regenerates cells and delays the aging of tissues and organs. This rich resource also includes calcium, phosphorus, sulfur, iron, copper, magnesium, potassium and minerals.

Some of the most popular products advertised today as “natural” formulations also contain olive oil as an important ingredient in their formulas. The anti-aging antioxidants and moisturizing squalene contained in it offer many benefits. Extra virgin olive oil alone is one of the best beauty secrets.

Here you can find our vegetable oil portrait of olive oil.

1. Natural Make-Up Remover

Make-up Entferner

Most people use the usual make-up removal products from drugstores to remove make-up. These products can do more harm for the skin damage than good because of their chemical content.

Extra virgin olive oil is an impressive natural make-up remover. It is used for all skin types and removes even the hardest waterproof make-up layer. The basic idea behind using oil to remove make-up is that oil dissolves oil. Since makeup products generally consist of several oils and waxes, an oil like olive oil removes makeup from your face. If you are wearing light makeup, put some olive oil on a small cotton ball or cloth/washcloth and remove the make-up from your face with it. If you are wearing heavy makeup, apply a few drops of extra virgin olive oil to your face.

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2. Moisturizer

Olivenöl und Oliven in Glas

Olive oil is probably the most natural known moisturizer. It can be used to moisturize any skin type. Whether applied to the face or body, olive oil penetrates deep into the skin and provides long-lasting moisture protection to keep the skin smooth and supple. It can be used either as a night care or as a daily moisturizer.

We recommend the use of extra virgin olive oil. Olive oil will take a little longer to be absorbed by the skin than many other light skin care products. However, the benefits may last longer. In addition, the natural lipids in olive oil contribute to sebum production. Sebum is the natural lubricant of the body. It can also repair damaged skin cells. Wrinkles and fine lines on your skin increase with age. You can also work against these problems with olive oil. Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant in olive oil, helps regenerate new skin cells that keep the skin firm and moisturized.

3. Hair Care

Lockiges Haar

Applying olive oil to the hair helps rehydrate dry and damaged hair, leaving it shiny and healthier. When it comes to your hair, not every version of olive oil is sufficient. It is best to go for extra virgin olive oil; it is the highest quality olive oil you can buy. It is an unrefined oil. This means that it has not been treated with chemicals or has been heated and must meet very specific standards to obtain the “Extra Virgin” label.

It is very difficult to style dry and malnourished hair. With the oil therapy with olive oil you can shape your hair more easily. This oil is rich in vitamins A + E and antioxidants and protects the keratin in your hair. When you comb or blow-dry your hair, it must be elastic so that it doesn’t break or fall out. Olive oil helps your hair to stay strong by increasing its elasticity. Finally, we want to point out that an unhealthy scalp also prevents hair growth. Using olive oil nourishes your scalp and not only strengthens your hair, but also protects your scalp. Furthermore, antibacterial and antifungal components in olive oil protect your scalp from infections.

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4. Nail Care

Nägel unlackiert

By using olive oil for nail care you can strengthen your nails and prevent them from breaking. It can also be used to soften hardened and dry cuticles. Smoking or airlessness due to prolonged use of nail polish and similar situations lead to a yellowish nail color. By using olive oil for nail care it is possible to lighten the nails and achieve a healthy look. Unhealthy nails grow very slowly and can break quickly especially if manicures are performed often. By caring for your nails with olive oil, you can help them grow and get an aesthetic appearance.

5. Foot Care

Nackte Füße auf Bettlaken

Foot care not only relaxes you, but also gives your feet a silky appearance. A cracked heel needs moisture and olive oil is rich in moisturizing properties. Our feet lack oil glands. This is the main reason why they easily become dry and rough. If you don’t moisturize your feet, they become dry over time. For best results, you need enough time for the oil to fully penetrate your skin. For this reason, we recommend that you use it before bedtime and leave it on until the morning. Also after showering or bathing is a good time to treat your feet with olive oil.

Commercially available synthetic cosmetic products are widely available on the market and can also provide fast results. However, they also often have harmful side effects. Extra virgin olive oil is a completely natural product, very rich in antioxidants, which gives good results without damage or side effects.

Olive oil can help not only our skin, but also our hair. It nourishes, protects and softens the skin. It improves both the appearance and the structure of the skin. It helps repair the skin and has a strong moisturizing function that prevents water loss. This oil is used to tighten the skin, soften hair and strengthen nails.

Buy olive oil - what to consider?

Although olive oil is divided into many different quality classes you generally can find three different classes in stores. In principle, virgin olive oil must be obtained by mechanical or other physical processes under temperature conditions that do not lead to a deterioration of the oil. Valuable ingredients are lost if to too high temperatures are used, so care is taken to ensure gentle cold pressing. Virgin olive oils must also not be mixed with oils of other kinds.


The ‘Extra Virgin Olive Oil’ represents the highest quality class. As already mentioned, this type of oil must be obtained by cold pressing. Oil of this highest quality class must also come from the first-pressing of the olives. It may contain a maximum of 0.8 percent free fatty acids. These give fats and oils an unpleasant taste.

The quality class ‘Virgin Olive Oil’ must also be cold pressed. The content of free fatty acids may be up to 2 percent. This oil often comes from the second pressing of the olives.


‘Olive Oil’ describes the lowest classof the three. It describes a mixture of native and refined, thus cleaned and usually hot pressed oils.


Whoever wants to buy a high quality olive oil should therefore pay attention to the words ‘native’ and ‘extra’. These are gently cold pressed and contain all valuable ingredients and also have the best taste. All tips for recognizing the quality of the oil by its color are not really helpful, since the oil should be sold in a dark bottle anyway to protect it from light. In addition, you should pay attention to an organic quality to avoid possible residues of pesticides in the oil.


Here you can find organic extra virgin olive oil:

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