Moisturizing face mask with white clay

Selbstgemachte Feuchtigkeitsmaske mit weißer Tonerde und Gurke

Regardless of your skin type, your skin will benefit from a boost of moisture. The higher the moisture balance of the skin, the plumper, more balanced and healthier it looks. A moisture mask is, therefore, a good way to ensure that the skin’s moisture content is balanced. It is relatively simple to make a moisturizing mask yourself. Usually, you already have many ingredients in the kitchen and you can save yourself the extra waste by buying new products. The cucumber, for example, is the moisturizer from the fridge, as is honey. The white clay that we use as the basis for this recipe is the gentlest clay and most suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

Raw materials used

Selbstgemachte Feuchtigkeitsmaske mit weißer Tonerde und Gurke
Fresh ingredients
30 gr organic cucumber
1 tbsp honey

Due to its high vitamin C content and excess of bases, cucumber or Cucumis Sativus primarily has skin-cleansing and detoxifying effects. Cucumber juice also has invigorating, refreshing, and rejuvenating effects on the skin, but also fights pimples and impurities. When using cucumber juice, it is important to wash it off thoroughly. Otherwise, the deposited proteins and cellulose particles will cause decomposition symptoms, which may have the opposite effects.


Especially in skincare honey scores with the following positive effect spectrum. It is a natural moisturizer, it ensures that moisture remains in the skin. The special enzymes contained in honey help to disinfect impurities and support the skin to heal faster. In addition, honey has blood circulation-promoting effects, so that swelling and redness can subside more quickly and the skin remains elastic and supple. Manuka honey is considered the most antibacterial type of honey. This type of honey is therefore particularly suitable for acne and impure skin.

Vegetable oil
1 tbsp apricot kernel oil
Apricot kernel oil

Apricot kernel oil is a mild, non-greasy oil that is well tolerated by all skin types, including sensitive and irritated skin. The oil moisturizes the skin and makes it smooth and supple. Apricot kernel oil spreads well, is quickly absorbed, and leaves a pleasant feeling on the skin. Due to the linoleic acid contained in the oil, it is said to be able to repair damaged skin cells. Further effects attributed to apricot oil are a firming of the tissue, activation of the skin metabolism, calming of irritated skin, care of scaly skin, and an antibacterial effects.

Here you can find other vegetable oils that can be used alternatively.

Selbstgemachte Feuchtigkeitsmaske mit weißer Tonerde und Gurke
35 gr white clay
1 tsp aloe vera
3 drops of essential lavender oil
White clay

White clay, also known as kaolin, is the finest clay and at the same time the softest on the skin. It is therefore recommended for sensitive, dry and mature skin. However, it is basically suitable for all skin types. The clay gently cleanses the pores and removes toxins. It also releases mineral ions to the skin. Sodium and potassium ions, in particular, bind water and thus promote the skin’s moisture penetration. It is also known to bind unpleasant odors.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is the ideal thirst quencher for dry skin. The moisture penetrates deep into the horny layer and is stored there. Not only does it moisturize dry skin, but the juice also supplies it with valuable antioxidants, vitamin C, and vitamin E as well as beta-carotene. Dryness lines are reduced by the addition of moisture. The combined effects of the ingredients of aloe vera supports the metabolism of the skin cells so that supporting collagen and elastin fibers are formed. Mature skin thus becomes firmer and firmer after a while.

Lavender essential oil

Essential lavender oil renews skin cells and accelerates the healing process of the skin. The essential oil is suitable for all skin types and gives the mask a wonderfully soothing scent.

Here you can find more essential oils.

Application and shelf life

Selbstgemachte Feuchtigkeitsmaske mit weißer Tonerde und Gurke
  • Apply the mask to the previously cleansed face (e.g. with the honey cleanser).
  • After 10 to 15 minutes, wash the mask off with a warm towel.
  • Then proceed with your usual skincare.

Ideally, the mask should always be freshly prepared. Otherwise, it can be kept in the refrigerator for a maximum of one week.

DIY moisturizing mask recipe

Recipe details for approx. 80 gr
  • 35 gr white clay
  • 30 organic cucumber
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 1 tbsp apricot kernel oil
  • 1 tsp aloe vera gel/ juice
  • 4 drops essential lavender oil
  • bowl for mixing the ingredients
  • jar or glass for the mask
  1. Wash the cucumber well and cut it into small pieces.
  2. Then mix all ingredients together. Use a blender or hand blender to finely puree the mixture.


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