Facial steamer for flawless skin

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There is always a search in the beauty or cosmetics industry for new active ingredients, techniques or devices for skin care. It is best if these are applicable for as many skin types as possible. As is this device that we present in this post: the facial steamer.

The term facial steamer means a steam bath for the face. This beauty trend is supposed to open the pores and provide for a smooth skin without impurities. A professional steamer – device, colloquially known as a facial sauna, is needed for this application. It emits hot water vapor that spreads over your skin. Similar to a sauna, this causes your face to start sweating slightly, which is completely normal. This facial sauna is especially helpful for blemishes, pimples and acne. Also, if you have large pores, a facial steamer can significantly reduce them, because the integrated UV lamp sterilizes this water vapor that is sprayed evenly strong on your skin. This steamer softens the skin and prepares it optimally for the absorption of your care products.

What is a facial steamer?

A facial steamer, also called a facial sauna or facial steamer, is an electronic device. It cleanses the skin and cares for it at the same time. As the name “facial sauna or steamer” suggests, it is water that heats up in the device and comes out as steam from a nozzle. The water vapor opens the pores of the skin, the steam penetrates and so sweat and other impurities come to the surface of the skin.

Most facial steamers feature ionic or nano-ion technology. This allows the steam particles to penetrate even deeper into the skin. As with so many electronic devices, the facial steamer has evolved over the years. Thus, you can now already find several attachments and other accessories to expand the treatment options.

Facial steamer: Advantages

As mentioned above, a facial steamer treatment cleanses and nourishes the skin. Water vapor comes out of the glands of the device. This is absorbed by the skin and therefore moisturizes it. The longer the period of treatment, the more moisture the skin retains.

Since the main focus of the facial steamer is the cleansing effect, the clean skin is also an important benefit of it. The pores open up during the treatment with heat. The impurities such as sweat and sebum come to the surface of the skin and can be removed more easily.

The steam of the facial steamer stimulates blood circulation. This serves as detox for the skin. The skin cells are thus better supplied with oxygen and skin renewal and collagen production is stimulated. Thus, the facial sauna even works against small wrinkles and prevents the skin aging process. The result is a healthy and beautiful complexion.

After the facial steamer treatment, you can continue with your skin care routine as usual. The difference, however, is that your skin now absorbs the active ingredients better. Your skin will be cared for even more intensively.

Facial steamer: How to use

Electronic devices that are intended to serve the same purpose, but are produced by several manufacturers, therefore also have different operating instructions. You should read them thoroughly before using them.

However, the application usually has this procedure:

  1. As before any skincare routine, the first thing to do is to cleanse the face with a gel or cleansing lotion to remove makeup as well.
  2. Fill the water tank with water. At best, use distilled water if the device cannot be decalcified.
  3. Only now can you turn on your facial steamer. Most devices allow you to set the temperature, the strength of the steam and the application time.
  4. The water now heats up. Wait until the steam comes out of the glands.
  5. You should keep your face about 10 to 20 centimeters away from the steam. Keep your eyes closed.
  6. Leave the steam on your face for about 5 to 10 minutes. It is recommended that the treatment is not longer than 20 minutes so that the facial skin does not dry out.
  7. After that, you can turn off the facial steamer. Now you can empty the water from the container.
  8. All impurities are now on the surface of the skin. Therefore, wash your face after the treatment with cold water and a mild cleanser or cleansing fluid. The pores will now close again.
  9. Now you can apply other care products. Thanks to the treatment with the facial sauna and the resulting clean pores creams, serums, etc. are better absorbed.

It’s best not to use the facial steamer more than three times a week so you don’t overuse your facial skin.

For whom is a facial steamer suitable?

The Facial Steamer is actually suitable for all of us. Because sometimes a simple cleanse is not enough to get rid of all sweat and makeup residues on the face. The application is especially suitable for oily and blemished skin.

Sensitive and sensitive skin types should be more careful, so that they do not harm their skin instead of helping it. The same is true for dry skin. The dry steam could quickly dry out the skin even more instead of moisturizing it. It is therefore best to apply a moisturizer or serum after use.

Facial steamer: What you should pay attention to

Before use

In the facial steamer you can also add herbs and essential oils to the water. These oils usually have many positive effects on the skin. Through the heat, their active ingredients unfold and can thus reach deep into the skin. It is best to use essential oils that have an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect and help and soothe blemished skin.

You should make sure that your device has special attachments or an aroma compartment. If you can’t clean your facial steamer completely, the nozzles might get clogged in the long run. So, if you can only wash out the container, it’s better not to use essential oils.

After use

As already mentioned, the skin can better absorb other care products after treatment with the facial steamer. You should definitely benefit from this and not neglect your skin care afterwards. Among the best and most popular are cleansers, moisturizers or masks, serums or even a massage.

The massage especially helps to better incorporate the care and additionally promotes blood circulation, which is already stimulated by the treatment.

Other notes about facial steamers

Many want the positive effects and effects of the facial steamer, but without buying the device. They then prefer to make a DIY steam bath. However, these are not recommended because the temperature is not adjustable. The consequences can be skin burns or overstressing the skin.

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