Essential Immortelle Oil

Ätherisches Immortellenöl
  • Essential Oil
  • Botanical name: Helichrysum italicum
  • Plant part: Blossoms
  • Manufacturing process: Steam distillation
  • Scent: Fruity, honey-like
  • Cosmetic use: Acne, dermatitis, abscesses, mature skin, bruises, mature skin
  • Goes with: Chamomile, geranium, lavender.


Immortelle, curry herb or also Italian strawflower belongs to the family of composite plants. It is native to the Mediterranean region and blooms between May and August. It owes its name to its bright yellow flowers, which retain their color even when dried, which is why the plant is also called the immortal flower.

Extraction of essential immortelle oil

Immortelle oil is obtained by steam distillation of the flowers. The oil has a yellow or slightly reddish color. 1 – 1.5 tons of blossoms yield 1 liter of essential oil.

Cosmetic use of essential immortelle oil

Due to its anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect, immortelle oil is ideal for treating skin problems such as acne or dermatitis. Since the oil contains antioxidants, it counteracts premature skin aging. Immortelle essential oil is also a proven agent for wound healing, since it has antibacterial and disinfecting effects. The oil has a calming effect on allergic rashes and nervous tingling.

Buying & using essential immortelle oil – what to consider?

The oil must be well diluted (< 0.5 %). The oil should not be consumed orally.