Essential Geranium Oil

  • Essential Oil
  • Botanical name: Pelargonium graveolens
  • Plant part: Leaves and green stems
  • Manufacturing process: Steam distillation
  • Scent: Sweet-rose-like, flowery and fresh
  • Cosmetic use: All skin types, oily hair, dandruff
  • Goes with: Bergamot, lavender, lemon, marjoram, neroli, orange, palmarosa, pink, sandalwood.


The plant originally stems from South Africa, but is now mainly cultivated in Réunion, China and Egypt. The geranium or stork beak belongs to the most species-rich genus of the cranesbill family.

Extraction of essential geranium oil

Essential geranium oil is extracted from the leaves and green stems by steam distillation. The color of the oil is green or amber yellow. 500 kilograms of the stems and leaves make 1 litre of essential oil.

Cosmetic use of essential geranium oil

The essential geranium oil is suitable for all skin types and strengthens the skin. It has an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect and thus relieves acne and cools inflammation and dryness. The oil also regulates the scalp and is suitable for the treatment of dandruff and for the regulation of sebum production.

Buying & using essential geranium oil – what to consider?

The essential oil is not toxic and does not irratate the skin in diluted form.