Essential Chamomile Oil

Ätherisches Kamillenöl
  • Essential Oil
  • Botanical name: Matricaria recutita / Anthemis nobilis
  • Plant part: Stems
  • Manufacturing process: Steam distillation
  • Scent: Herbaceous, fruity
  • Cosmetic use: Clogged pores, blemished skin, acne
  • Goes with: Bergamot, clary sage, lavender, geranium, jasmine, tea tree, grapefruit, rose, lemon, ylang ylang.


The Genuine Chamomile and the Roman Chamomile belong to the family of daisies. The flowers of chamomile are similar to those of daisies. Chamomile is an annual herb that can grow up to 60 cm tall. Of the various chamomile species, the real chamomile and the Roman chamomile have the greatest healing effect.

Extraction of essential chamomile oil

Through steam distillation, essential chamomile oil is extracted from the flower heads of Roman chamomile and from the dried flowers of real chamomile and has a deep blue color. 150 – 300 kilograms (331 – 662 lbs) produce 1 liter (34 oz) of oil.

Cosmetic use of essential chamomile oil

Chamomile essential oil has a strong healing effect on the skin. It has a soothing, anti-inflammatory effect and thus unclogs pores, relieves blemished skin and acne. Application is also recommended for itchy scalp and dandruff. Chamomile essential oil also heals and cleanses the skin.

Buying & using essential chamomile oil – what to consider?

The essential oil is not suitable for pregnant women. It is non-toxic and does not irritate when diluted.