Essential Basil Oil

Ätherisches Basilikumöl
  • Essential Oil
  • Botanical name: Ocimum basilicum
  • Plant part: Leaves and flowering shoot tips
  • Manufacturing process: Steam distillation
  • Scent: Powerful and intense, balsamic, fresh-sweet, light and spicy
  • Cosmetic use: Acne, blackheads, mature skin
  • Goes with: Angelica, bergamot, geranium, lavender, linaloe, clary sage, patchouli, rosemary, juniper, hyssop, cypress.


Basil belongs to the family of labiates and flowers mainly from June to September. Basil is native to tropical and subtropical Asia. The plant is also cultivated in greenhouses in temperate latitudes. On the Comoros and La Réunion an essential oil with a high tarragol content is extracted from the native basil. This has a balancing and antispasmodic effect.

Extraction of essential basil oil

Essential basil oil is extracted from the leaves and flowering shoot tips by steam distillation. The color of the oil is clear to light yellow. 500 – 1000 kilograms (1102 – 2205 lbs) of flowering plant yield 1 liter (34 ounces) of essential oil.

Cosmetic use of essential basil oil

Basil essential oil strengthens and refreshes the skin and has a positive effect on skin health. It has a strong effect on blood circulation, which in turn stimulates cell renewal and thus supports the rejuvenation of the skin. It also has an anti-inflammatory and strong antibacterial effect, which makes it ideal for the treatment of acne and blackheads.

Buying & using essential basil oil – what to consider?

Do not use during pregnancy or if you have epilepsy. The exotic basil oil contains up to 90% ether, which can be very irritating to the skin. Therefore apply only in very diluted form.