DIY Detox-Scrub with green clay for your body

DIY Detox-Peeling

Everyone should have a peeling every now and then. Peeling or exfoliation removes the uppermost horny layers of the skin. Thus the skin loses its dull appearance and looks fresh and smooth again. The sea salt used serves as an abrasive particle which, when gently massaged into the skin, removes the upper loose and dead skin scales. This opens the follicle openings and prevents the exits from becoming blocked. This is particularly recommended for skin that tends to become impure.

The detox effect of the DIY scrub is supported by the green clay, which has a detoxifying and cleansing effect. The deep cleansing effect of the green clay is especially helpful for oily and impure skin. The essential oils bergamot and rosemary, which revitalize the skin and increase blood circulation, provide a fresh complexion. The DIY Detox Scrub is generally suitable for all skin types, however, dry and sensitive skin should not be peeled too often.

Raw Materials Used

DIY Detox Peeling
Abrasive particle
150 gr fine sea salt
Sea salt

Sea salt has long been known for its healing properties. As a peeling it helps to promote blood circulation and improve the skin’s appearance. By gently massaging it into the skin, it removes the uppermost dead skin cells and cleanses the pores. For the area of the hands, feet and knees, the use of the natural peeling can reduce the formation of calluses. At the same time, the peeling promotes blood circulation. Afterwards, the skin looks healthy and refreshed and feels silky soft. Sea salt is not only suitable for cleansing the skin, but also has healing properties. In the case of chronic skin diseases, eczema or acne, sea salt has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Vegetable oil
30 ml sesame oil
Sesame oil

Virgin sesame oil has warming, purifying, and detoxifying effects. Also, it has an antioxidant effect and thus slows down cell degradation. The oil is quickly absorbed into the skin but remains on the skin long enough for massages to be carried out. Sesame oil is particularly pleasant and intensely nourishing for skin that tends to dryness and has poor circulation. With regular use, the skin becomes supple with a fresh complexion.

Here you can find other vegetable oils that can be used alternatively.

1 tbsp green clay
10 drops essential rosemary oil
10 drops essential bergamot oil
Green clay

Green clay gets its color from the copper compounds in the earth and it contains particularly many trace elements. It reduces excess oil on the skin, absorbs bacteria and acid substances, strengthens the natural protective layer of the skin, promotes the regeneration process of the skin, and can have anti-inflammatory effects right down to the deeper tissue layers. It can be used for all skin types, but its effects are especially desirable for combination, oily and impure skin.

Essential rosemary oil

Essential rosemary oil has anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibacterial properties and contains antibacterial and antifungal substances. It is therefore well suited for the care of skin inflammations such as impurities. It also regulates oily skin and stimulates blood circulation.

Essential bergamot oil

Essential bergamot oil regulates oily and combination skin and has calming effects on dry, itchy skin. Bergamot oil also improves the skin tone. Due to the healing and antibacterial properties of essential bergamot oil, it is suitable for the treatment of inflammation and impurities.

Here you can find more essential oils.

DIY Detox-Peeling

Application and Shelf Life

  • It is best to apply the DIY detox scrub in the morning or during the day; at this time an »aggressive« cleansing or peeling is better tolerated than in the evening when the skin’s regenerative processes are in action.
  • To apply, remove a small handful of the peeling and rub it in well.
  • Make sure that sensitive areas and open wounds are avoided.
  • The peeling does not contain any fresh ingredients and can, therefore, be kept for up to six months.
DIY Detox-Peeling

DIY Detox Peeling Recipe

Ingredients for 180 gr
  • 150 gr sea salt
  • 30 ml of sesame oil
  • 1 tbsp green clay
  • 20 drops of essential oil (rosemary, bergamot)
  • Bowl for mixing the ingredients
  • Jar or glas for the peeling
  1. Mix the sea salt, the clay and the vegetable oil in a bowl until the salt is soaked through but still has a firm consistency.
  2. Now add the essential oils and mix everything again.


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