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Most of us are probably struggling with cellulite or cellulitis. Yet, cellulite is not a disease but simply a skin condition. The name »cellulitis« is misleading, as the word ending -itis- stands for inflammation. Yet cellulite is not an inflammation. Cellulite is irregular and delineated skin structure with dents and curvatures. There are four different stages:

Grade 0: No signs of cellulite, the skin is smooth and firm.
Grade 1: At first no signs of cellulite can be seen; cellulite can only be detected in the pinch test.
Grade 2: Pronounced signs when standing; dents and irregular skin appearance.
Grade 3: Strongly defined cellulite when standing and lying.
Grade 4: Extremely defined »mattress skin«; deep dents and strong curvatures in the skin relief.

However, since most of us have a desire for smooth skin, we find these dents disturbing. In most cases, it is the genes alone that decide whether we are blessed with firm connective tissue or not. Cellulite also mainly affects women, because nature has consciously designed our tissue to be less stable. For this reason, our skin can stretch better during pregnancy. Cellulite is, however, a purely cosmetic problem that over 80% of women are confronted with. It does not matter whether if you are small, thick, or thin – everyone is affected by it in the same way. Therefore it is also a myth that losing weight automatically means that cellulite is no longer present. Our hormone balance also plays a role, as estrogens promote the elasticity of the connective tissue.

Whoever is affected by cellulite is usually also confronted with the following associated complaints:

  • Enlarged skin pores
  • Long, whitish spots when pressure is applied
  • Spider veins and circulatory disorders
  • Cold skin surface, the rapid development of bruises

How does cellulite develop?

A woman’s body is genetically designed for the physical strain of pregnancy. Our fat deposits at the hips, buttocks, thighs, and stomach are »enriched« in good times so that the baby’s supply is guaranteed during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is therefore often very difficult to reduce these fat deposits by dieting.

Besides, the skin of women is thinner than that of men and therefore the connective tissue is looser. The palisade-like arranged and often enlarged fat cells push and bulge upwards through the connective tissue. This causes them to bulge the cutis and epidermis. The connective tissue structure of men can be imagined like a corset.

Often the enlarged fat cells squeeze of the capillaries and vessels. This leads to poorer lymph drainage and reduced blood circulation. In addition to the genetic and biological predisposition, other additional factors promote or intensify cellulite:

  • Overweight
  • Lack of exercise
  • Hypotension (low blood pressure)
  • Venous diseases
  • Circulatory disorders
Anti-Cellulite Körperöl

What can you do against cellulite?

Even if genetically you didn’t hit the jackpot – we speak from experience – there are still a few factors/measures you can take to counteract cellulite. The focus thereby lies on increasing blood circulation and reducing body fat:

  • Reducing overweight through sports.
  • Balanced diet to reduce fat build-up and to encourage possible weight loss.
  • A sport that specifically trains the affected body regions.
  • Massages, lymphatic drainage, and dermal puncture have a decongestive effect and stimulate blood circulation.
  • Hot and cold showers also stimulate blood circulation.
  • Blood circulation-promoting cosmetics.

The key to success lies in continuity and the combination of the various measures. One must also be aware that these measures must be implemented throughout a lifetime to achieve success. The anti-cellulite body oil presented here has a supporting effect with wild rose oil, wheat germ oil, and selected essential oils.

Raw materials used

Anti-Celluliteöl Rohstoffe
Vegetable oils
50 ml of jojoab oil
30 ml of rosehip oil
20 ml of wheat germ oil
Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is often used in cosmetics because it cares for the skin and is absorbed by the skin almost without residue. Therefore no oily film remains on the skin. The oil is well tolerated by all skin types and has a moisturizing and antibacterial effect. It regulates the moisture balance and makes the skin soft, smooth, and resistant at the same time. Those who are plagued by impure skin may be well advised to use jojoba oil. Its antibacterial effects prevent the spreading of germs without drying out the skin at the same time.

Alternatively, sesame seed oil can also be used. Otherwise, here you can find more vegetable oils.

Rosehip oil

Rosehip oil is a dermatologically very valuable oil which, due to its omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, has particularly good regenerating, cell-protecting and caring properties. It is very well absorbed by the skin and leaves no oil film on the skin. The oil helps the skin to retain moisture by protecting against transepidermal water loss. Due to the high plant-own content of vitamin E, it acts as a radical scavenger and thus counteracts skin aging and stretch marks.

Wheat germ oil

Due to the complex extraction process and the high content of tocopherol and linoleic acid, wheat germ oil is one of the most valuable oils. The vitamin E contained in wheat germ oil serves as a radical scavenger and has an antioxidant effect. Therefore the oil is very well suited for the stabilization of accompanying oils which are not so stable against oxidation. In skincare, the ecology oil moisturizes the skin, makes it firmer and younger, and promotes the natural elasticity and blood circulation of the skin. The oil can also counteract the stretching process, which during pregnancy places increased stress on the skin and leads to stretch marks.

10 drops of vitmain E oil
15 drops of essential lemon oil
15 drops of essential juniper oil
15 drops of essential rosemary oil
Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from free radicals. These aggressive molecules are constantly created during the natural metabolic processes in the body. Also, vitamin E stabilizes the durability of oily substances by slowing down their oxidation and rancidity.

Essential lemon oil

Essential lemon oil tightens and detoxifies. It also stimulates blood circulation.

Essential juniper oil

Essential juniper oil ensures that the cells are better supplied with blood and nutrients. Therefore they work more reliably and regenerate faster.

Essential rosemary oil 

The essential oil of rosemary cools the temperature of the skin. However, it achieves a subjective feeling of warmth due to its circulation-promoting effect.

Here you can find more essential oils.

Anti-Cellulite Öl

Application and shelf life

Massage the anti-cellulite oil well into the skin. Best in the morning and evening for at least 10 minutes. Various techniques can be used during the procedure. Either you choose the classic massage, in which you spread the oil, or a mild plucking massage. The lymphatic return must be stimulated.

The oil can be kept as long as the earliest perishable ingredient. Therefore check the BBD of all ingredients.

Anti-Cellulite Body Oil Recipe

  • 50 ml of jojoba oil
  • 30 ml of rosehip oil
  • 20 ml of wheat germ oil
  • 10 drops of vitamin E oil
  • 15 drops of essential lemon oil
  • 15 drops of essential juniper oil
  • 15 drops of rosemary essential oil
  • Pump dispenser
  1. Pour the vegetable oils into the pump dispenser.
  2. Add the essential oil.
  3. Stir carefully and store in the dark if not using a brown or ultraviolet bottle.


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