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About us_natural glow

Our journey to self-made natural cosmetics

Since the beginning of puberty, we have been dealing with the topic of skincare. Plagued by problems such as impurities, dryness, and oily skin, we were always looking for the panacea. During our search, which has now lasted almost 15 years, we have tried almost everything and know what the field of »modern« cosmetology has to offer. The path led us from conventional cosmetic products to aggressive prescription products as well as natural cosmetics available in stores, and finally to natural cosmetics that we made ourselves.

Work in Progress

We only came across self-made natural cosmetics by chance. We had decided to avoid plastic as much as possible and therefore read into the material. The result was the realization that we also smear plastic on our faces. By this, we do not only mean the ingredients but also the plastic packaging used. Until then we only bought natural cosmetics, which were also only sold in plastic packaging. The question was – what other options were there? And so we came to the self-made natural cosmetics. With this, we decide which active ingredients we apply to our skin and this (almost) without plastic (its a work in progress).

Holistic context

Of course, self-made natural cosmetics are not a panacea that gives you directly beautiful skin. Cosmetic care of the skin is only one of the factors that influence our skin. Also our eating and sleeping habits, sports, stress, and other factors affect our skin. This results in a holistic picture and unfortunately, a cream cannot fix everything. But cosmetics can help you to maintain, balance, and improve your skin.

What awaits you here on this website

After years of autodidactic studies of cosmetic naturopathy, we decided to share our knowledge with other practitioners. With ecoVAIN we want to support you in taking care of your own health and cosmetic needs, adapted exactly to your needs. We chose the name ecoVAIN because it connects our two concerns. Eco stands for natural and homemade products that are in harmony with our ecological values and demands. Vain refers to our desire for equally effective products that play in the same league in terms of aesthetics and haptics as conventional products. It is important for us to show that there is no need to compromise. You can find on our website:

  • Detailed theory pages on self-produced products for all areas of life.
  • A list of the most common raw materials and their field of application.
  • Recipes for beauty, health, and lifestyle for beginners and advanced users.

With homemade products you not only have control over what ingredients you use, but you can also reduce your plastic waste. And »homemade« is also a lot of fun – you know what we mean as soon as you have, for example, made your first cream. For so long, look around and write to us if you have a question.

Katja & Julia