We spend a lot of time deciding which shampoo to use. Of course, most shampoos stand out for their benefits to the hair, but if they are not rinsed well, their residues lye on the scalp in the long term. It can cause problems such as weakening the hair and loss of volume. In addition, the fact that the chemicals in shampoos can cause serious damage to hair and skin has led many people to look for alternative ways. On the other hand, when we look at the environmental hazards, we come across non-recyclable plastic bottles, chemicals that pollute water and waste generated in the production of these components.Washing your hair without shampoo positively affects your budget and allows to you to generate less waste and less material. Washing hair without shampoo is not difficult with the following ingredients.

Olive oil soap

Olivenseife auf einem Teller

Olive oil soap, which contains all the beneficial minerals of olive oil, is a natural product that women use since ancient times specifically for the care of hair and skin. This soap, which has a unique light and refreshing fragrance, also contains a high content of vitamin E. It gives the hair a natural softness and increases its shine. Thanks to its natural nutrients, it nourishes hair follicles, prevents hair loss and ensures rapid hair growth.


Backpulver in einer Schüssel

Carbonate, or baking powder, is known to many as an ingredient used in baked goods. It has many health benefits. It can help to give your hair a healthy and vibrant appearance. It cleanses the dead skin and cells. This means that you can counteract ailments like dandruff and itching with carbonate. Carbonate also helps maintain the pH balance that your hair needs.

Apple vinegar

Apple cider vinegar, one of the commonly used products to prevent skin damage, is also known for its many benefits for the hair. Apple cider vinegar cleanses the hair strands and scalp from hair products such as gel, foam, hair spray or serum. With its acidic properties, apple cider vinegar slows the growth of bacteria. This way, your hair will be cleansed and you can minimize problems like hair loss. Further, apple cider vinegar can make your hair more shiny and stronger. Its essential minerals and vitamins help maintain hair color and balance the pH value of the hair.

Egg yolk

Eier in Eierkarton

Seeing eggs and hair in the same sentence is strange for some, but eggs contain vitamins and proteins that nourish hair. Egg yolk contains vitamins A, D, E and B. Due to vitamins A and E, the hair receives missing moisture, which means that it becomes smooth and shiny again. Vitamin B contributes to strengthening the hair follicles. Vitamin D, which replenishes phosphorus and calcium reserves in the body, protects hair from brittleness and dryness. If you want to wash your hair with eggs, you should pay attention to one thing. It is very important that the eggs are fresh and preferably of organic quality. Please also be careful not to wash your hair with too hot water and use lukewarm to cold water.

Rye flour

Glas voll Mehl auf Tisch

Although rye flour has long been used for the care of hair, it is not very well known. It contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids and even contains omega-3 fatty acids. The rye flour does not disturb the natural pH balance of our hair and scalp. The vitamin B5 contained in this flour is often used in antiseptic ointments, baby care products or other products for people with very sensitive skin due to its regenerating and anti-inflammatory effects. It is very important to use only cold water when you wash your hair with rye flour.


Clay is not only a great face mask, but also suitable for your scalp and hair. It reliably removes dirt and grease. In combination with water, the clay binds toxins and dirt. It nourishes the hair and scalp with conditioning substances, opens clogged hair follicles and helps reduce dandruff and hair loss. Clay is rich in minerals and nutrients and can provide many benefits that regular shampoos do not. Most clays can be used regardless of hair type.

There are many good reasons to avoid shampoo and wash hair with natural products. Our bodies, including our scalps, naturally produce healthy oils that protect our hair and skin, keeping it moist, strong and soft.

Shampoos contain detergents just like laundry and dishwashing detergents and can strip our hair of these oils, leaving dryness, itchiness and dandruff. They contain chemicals like sulfates and mineral oil, which are not skin friendly and are also a byproduct of distilled gasoline. They do not penetrate the skin and cover our scalp. This layer traps grease and dirt in our hair. As a result, more shampoo is needed to wash it all off.

In fact, paraben, one of the most common ingredients in shampoos, is claimed to create cancer risk. Another benefit of washing your hair without shampoo is that it reduces waste generation. There will be less waste if you don’t buy shampoo or conditioner in plastic bottles.

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