DIY Detox Face Mask with fresh mint

Harmful substances in the body can be quickly recognized by the look of your skin. In addition to kidneys, bladder, liver, and intestines, toxins are often discharged through the skin....

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DIY Cosmetics Basics
verschiedene Naturkosmetikbehälter

In the following, everyone who wants to produce their own cosmetics should be given the necessary basic knowledge to be able to try out their own individually designed recipes.

Zeichnung weibliches Gesicht

Just as we care for the health of our other organs, we should care for the health of our largest organ, the skin. Together, the epidermis and corium are also called cutis.

Verschiedene Naturkosmetik-Rohstoffe

Here you will find an overview of raw materials used in natural cosmetics. To really understand your cosmetics, it is important to know the individual ingredients.